DIY: Christmas Towel Cake

towel cake

This is what I made for my Secret Santa gift this year. I ended up spending $30 and managed to get everything at Walmart. This gift is for a 23 year old, but I think this is a pretty versatile gift for any woman.

What you’ll need


  • 1 large bath towel
  • 1 small hand towel
  • 1 face cloth
  • Ribbon or washi tape (tape not in photo whoops)
  • Decoration (small branch etc)
  • Gift items (in my case I used spa items)

Step 1


Fold bath towel into thirds

Step 2


Roll bath towel tightly and neatly

Step 3


Secure with washi tape or ribbon

Step 4


Fold hand towel into thirds

Step 5


Wrap hand towel around bath towel

Step 6


Secure with ribbon (tie loosely to leave space for items)

Step 7


Tidy up ribbon. I trimmed the ends and cut it into points. The ribbon I used had wire in it. If I did this again I would use normal ribbon and tie a pretty bow

Step 8


Add items

Step 9


Stick the wash cloth in the top of the bath towel and add finishing touches!!

All done!

towel cake

If anyone makes one of these I’d love to see them! Any extra tips I have is maybe wrapping the hand towel around some cardboard to give it some stiffness and keep a round shape. Happy Holidays!!

| sidnee